Monday, April 5, 2010

"Third, I think we need to remember that as awe-struck as Christ's first followers felt after his resurrection, they still didn't know what it fully meant… for humanity or for their personal lives. While the resurrection brought their beloved Rabbi back to them, he was different now. The resurrection simultaneously healed some wounds while opening a new can of questions, insecurities, fears, and even pain - at least temporarily."

It never really occurred to me that the disciples didn't really know what the resurrection meant. How many times have I wished that my faith was founded on being there with Jesus as He walked? (Actually, I'm grateful as can be to know and love Him from right where I am. But I used to wish, wish, wish.)

I read these words at Crosswalk and it got me to thinking. Those disciples must have been fractured. Broken. Shocked and, I'm sure, without the benefit of the full counsel of God's word, (the whole truth of the books that comfort my soul, Romans, Hebrews, James) they were beyond confusion. Jesus was dead, gone, then there among them and then gone. What was to be next but to wait. Where do they go? What do they do? When will He be back?

Even though I wrestle with when, I have the formation of the church to lean into. History and Christians who have walked this road before me. I am grateful, to have a moment to think of the days of the disciples. 

And even more grateful to have the historic view of the resurrection.

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