Sunday, April 18, 2010

Simplicity out of duplicity

I'm reading a wonderful book. Small and mighty by Mindy Caliguire, simply called, Simplicity. It jumps right into the clearing out of closets, looking for what stays and what goes. And in the process, speaks to the duplicity found therein. Yikes. Duplicity.
The author talks about the lack of truth found in the things we keep thinking (keeping thinking) that we'll use them. That they really are about us.
I'm starting to see the store-housed treasures as duplicitous purchases. The things I buy, bought, want, which have nothing to do with who I am, but who I'd like you to believe I am. There. I said it. Duplicity.
My darling friend was wearing a fun orange bag the other night as we strolled a promenade. We shared great, loving conversations about life and kids and all the ands we could come up with. I noted the bag, which is/was/could be the perfect size and shape, texture and color for me. Another friend referred to this orange delight as an "investment bag." With my focus away from new bags for the last few years, (this does suggest my focus elsewhere, graciously) I wasn't even aware of the maker of the statement. When I checked into where I could find this perfect bag, I found that even if I found it, (or it's rich red counterpart, ahhh) I wouldn't find it fitting into my experience anytime soon. (I pitched the idea of buying a $xxx.xx bag to my youngest and her first and funniest comment was, "or we could buy groceries and gas for a long time, Mom.") God has shifted my values. Narrowed my path. And for all the straining I do to go left or right, for now, He has me going fairly straight.
But, today, while I'm on that path, I notice a little tendency to pick up the (less expensive) rocks along the way. Not the ones the Father has put in front of me. Rather, those off to the side, under the bush, in the thicket along the path. I'm not always happy with the weight of carrying these trifles. They might be left there, close enough for me to pick up, test and try and learn about what I don't need.
Hmmm. Duplicity. Found in the distractions I choose when I could just stay focused on what the Creator has created for me. Duplicity. I like this.

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