Monday, March 30, 2015

Worshipping and finding.

I recently had the opportunity to speak to a women's group about worshipping God.

In the process of preparing I found myself thinking about how distracted we really are. We're called to worship the One revealed in Revelation 4 -- the One who is brilliant like Jasper and Carnelian, with the 24 elders surrounding Him, casting their crowns and singing Holy, Holy, Holy.

I find this to be the best reminder that how we worship God matters. This is our way into His presence, where life exists.

There is so much about God that simply requires our response. Our response in worship is to Him, His majesty, His holiness, His Oneness. Not the music, or the singer, or the song or the tempo. To God, our worship -- in the midst of our distraction and suffering and frustration and lack and -- well, you make the list.

We worship Him to be with Him. Our LORD in found in the midst of our worship.

Sing loud.

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