Saturday, March 15, 2014

Falling into place.

Yesterday my soon-to-be-new boss brought a reading from the book, "A Million Little Ways," to our meeting. He plans to promote space and stillness in our meetings. I like space and stillness. I need space. I need stillness. As he read, I heard words about the art created between us. I caught my breath. My soon-to-be new boss is using God's words with me. Art. Write. Relate.

I had to stop and note this. This is an advancement on me. Pressure. Pressure, especially to find the tools, pick up the tools, and do what I'm dying to do. (Living to do?)

I wrote the name of the author down on the back sheet of my notepad and continued to listen and ponder the what in, "What is He doing?"

After the meeting I hopped onto my computer, ordered the book and dashed to another meeting. Later, I reopened the search for the book and found that Emily Freeman is the author, and she's also the author of a blog I have loved, Chatting at the Sky. It's not been on my radar for a while. I was surprised, joyfully, by the synchronicity of the morning.

Later in the day someone asked me what I thought I needed most. (People ask things like this when a new boss is coming and we're all trying to gain perspective before new perspective is brought into town.) I replied, space to breathe. This is packed with much more than the toss off line, breathing space. I really am seeking to declutter shelves and corners, boxes, drawers, my brain, my office -- to release things which neither extend joy and peace in my life or help with the process.

So today, I returned to read the Chatting blog, (eagerly awaiting my book) and what do I see but the author's personal description: Emily Freeman is a writer who creates space for souls to breathe. She is the author of three books: Grace for the Good Girl, Graceful (For Young Women), and A Million Little Ways.

Really? Space for souls? Is that what I need. Space. Breath. A connection to my soul?

Clearly, the Creator of the Universe is moving me into His lane.
How about you? Are you experiencing the voice, the interruption of God in your world?

Do share.

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