Sunday, October 28, 2012

And then.

My darling mom brought my darling daughter home from school a week ago Wednesday. It didn't go so well. The toe of her Crocs caught on the top brick step and she fell forward into the door frame. Her Humerus bone took most of her weight and fractured in a spiral. Days, a surgery with pins and plates later, she's here. At my home. Healing, resting and trying to figure out why she isn't whole. And going.

But really, aren't we all broken, some more literally than others? Not able to be who we're created to be without the grace and activity of the Creator. Our God.

So Mom spends more time on the couch. She's just moved from the fancy hospital gown to muumuu like dresses. She's alternately fine and grateful, tearful and frustrated.

But she said two things in the hospital immediately that reminded me of why I am who I am. First, "Well, God must have a plan. I sure don't know what He's doing but I'll trust He knows."  And then later she quoted the sweet pastor friend who married my Dear and me: "We don't ask why me Lord. We ask, why not me Lord."

Right now we're living a study of patience and love.

God is ultimately the One Teacher. Isn't He?

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