Friday, July 20, 2012

Grace in a cake.

There is Grace in baking and so much Grace in the last couple of days.

I've been challenged a lot lately. A lot. An example would be my Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday progression.

Tuesday I found that my pooch, a beautiful, noble German Shepherd boy was suffering with his reacting-to-summer skin. Off to the vet. We traded a big sum of credit card debt for a lot of different pills and prepared to take him off for a special bath at the groomer's to help him heal. Take my money, help my pup.

The next day, my Dear dropped him off for grooming (nearly 90 pounds Just Says No to water) as I headed to work and summer school and a coffee date with my both kiddos. I dropped her at school, him and the coffee date and went to work. When I picked her up we stopped for her lunch, a burger through a drive-thru where I noticed a fair amount of steam coming off my engine. After a couple of hours waiting for a tow truck (my vehicle requires a flatbed tow, for which you wait), the lovely man at the repair shop fixed the broken hose and sent me off. Both kiddos managed to get to their music lesson and back to my office just fine.

We came home with the clean dog in tow to find our house filled with natural gas. The smell was horrible. And the house was completely closed up with air conditioning on so we really got it. After opening the house up and calling the Gas Company, who fixed the detached hose and relit the broiler pilot, we realized how amazing it was that our dog was gone for the day. Grace.

And then, the day of requests followed. Work, home, a ride to the mini golf place and a ride for the friend, get the ingredients, bake the cake, pick the mini golfers up, grab the decorating tools, decorate the cake, have dinner and then, "Hey Mom, can we get the stuff for Monkey Bread? I'd like to take it for the last day of summer school." She forgot to say: along with the birthday cake we are baking.

The miracle, for me, is that none of it ruffled my feathers, got to me, made me crabby or even got that little shot of adrenalin I'm all too familiar with. None of it. It came and went in stride. And some of it I enjoyed. Time with one the other of my kids, a creative moment and that moment, when what looked like it could be smoke and turn to flame became simply a delay in my day. That's God. That's the changing of a heart. The transformation we all seek after.

Blessings and grace.

For cake details click here.

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