Friday, March 2, 2012

God's ways make me smile.

Today we had a visit from an arborist visit us.
You see, there are lots of roots running along the top of our lawn. Not pretty and not safe. My Dear figured they were from our Birch trees and found the arborist through the internet, to help us detect the problem and, perhaps, remove the trees. After walking and talking and deciding they are roots from our neighbor's yard, we had a moment where he mentioned his kids and through the conversation we stumbled into our mutual faith.

God has done this dozens of times since we moved to this old house. First the workers were from my church and the area. Then we asked a mason working down the street to give us an estimate on some concrete work. Christian. Big time believer. The kind that likes saying Jesus' name just to see what will happen next.

The electrician? Believer. His assistant? Youth pastor. It goes on and on. And it brings a smile.

I'm sure there have been people here working who aren't of faith. I guess I'm sure. But I love the idea that God knows how much I love the brothers on our land.

We were talking about cutting a little pathway from our patio to the garden when he asked, "is today the 5th?" I looked at him and before I could say no, he recited Proverbs 3:5 (March 5) "and He will make your path straight..." Ok, maybe 6, and yes, today is the 2nd. But the idea that a man, walking around my house is thinking of Proverbs based on the month and the day brings the best smile.

And a new idea to share with my people.

God brings the people I need to talk with to my home. And I smile.

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